Tailor-made Financing for Corporates

DHB Bank tailors its services to meet the specific requirements of companies: 

  • Understanding  unique financial needs of each business by the bank.
  • Recognition of different cash flow patterns, revenue cycles, different risks and their mitigations, and growth projections of companies and projects
  • Offering of a range of options by DHB Bank to accommodate these variations.
  • Assurance that the maturity and repayment plans of financing are in line with the specific needs of businesses through these options.

Maturity Flexibility

Flexibility to match the repayment schedule according to the  repayment capacity of the project:

  • Support for a business's long-term goals.
  • Provision of short-term financing for temporary gaps.
  • Availability of long-term financing for major investments.
  • Tailoring of maturity period based on business needs.
  • Close collaboration with the business to understand cash flow projections and financial objectives.
  • Structuring of financing solution with a suitable maturity period.

Repayment Plan Flexibility

Flexible repayment plans:

  • Offered to align with the business' revenue cycles.
  • Enable repayments during periods of higher cash flow.
  • Allow adjustment of repayment amounts during leaner periods.
  • Ensure manageable financing and minimize strain on cash flow.
  • Understanding of unexpected events or market changes.
  • Devotion to working with businesses to find suitable solutions.