DHB Bank Secure File Transfer

DHB Bank values your privacy. As normal emails are not a secure way of communication we introduce our customers to DHB Bank Secure File Transfer Service powered by Cryptshare.
DHB Bank Secure File Transfer Service is a secure digital transfer service which enables us to exchange files with our customers. All transfers are encrypted and the channel is secured from end to end. Moreover transfers are further secured by use of passwords. You can also transfer files back to DHB Bank securely using this service without creating user accounts or complex encryption algorithms. It is easy, fast and safe!
In case you wish to send an encrypted email or personal documents we recommend that to use this service to transfer them securely to DHB Bank instead of normal emails. Because normal emails are not the secure way to transfer personal data.
For your convenience this service is available in four languages like English, Dutch, German and French. Instructions on how to use this service can be found in our manual.

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