ESG in DHB Bank

Sustainable Development

DHB Bank places a strong emphasis on prioritizing projects that contribute to sustainable development. These projects encompass various facets such as:

  • Power generation from renewable energies, 
  • Taxonomy-eligible activities (especially the ones with credible plans to increase their alignment and green asset ratios),
  • Development and operation of low-carbon public or mass transportation systems for land and sea, including associated infrastructure that supports or enables eligible transportation assets.

Furthermore, DHB Bank gives strategic importance to continue forging lending relationships with companies with credible ESG targets (Environmental, Social and Governance). 

These encompass:

  • Companies with high ESG awareness and concrete CO2 reduction targets aligned with sector requirements and transition plans to reach carbon neutrality,
  • Companies demonstrating visible commitments to related UN Global Compact's principles,
  • Companies that have memberships to sector-specific ESG-related organizations and alliances.

DHB Bank views the ESG journey as one that necessitates collaborative engagement with all stakeholders, particularly its clients. In this context, we assume the responsibility of sharing information with our clients about the prevailing regulatory landscape pertaining to sustainability and instances of best practices when relevant. By doing this, DHB Bank aims to support the clients to invest in environmentally responsible projects and transition to a low-carbon economy. As part of our progressively evolving business strategies, we strive to wield a positive influence for transformative change, thereby contributing substantively to a more sustainable global landscape.