Confirmation Availability of Funds (CAF) Service

There many cases where business required to know whether counterparty have enough funding before executing a transaction. Using our PSD2 Confirmation Availability of Funds API, TPPs can develop application to check whether a specific amount is available on a payment account. Following we give an example request to consume the API.

Funds Confirmations

Example Request:

POST {dhburl}/auth/v1/psd2/fund/funds-confirmations Header:Content-Type: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer e6554a28-d648-4968-b4bc-5b8bb5818150digest: sha-256=eOwgUfUjRzsZRDtH2/JBMe7fd5mp0QQhOhA8NhW8qZY=tpp-signing-certificate=MIIK...2NERsignature=eyAi...date=Sun, 01 Sep 2019 08:49:37 GMTx-request-id=7f3d80df-bfee-4501-bca8-f8397342ebbeBody:{"account": {"currency": "EUR","iban": "NL58DHBN0412431432"},"instructedAmount": {"amount": 1555540.50404,"currency": "EUR"},"payee": "d"}]

Example Request with Curl:

curl -X POST \  http:// {dhburl}/auth/v1/psd2/fund/funds-confirmations \  -H 'Authorization: Bearer b2b269c6-ea4a-4243-818d-e774c57fc28f' \  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \  -H 'date: Sun, 01 Sep 2019 08:49:37 GMT' \  -H 'digest: sha-256=eOwgUfUjRzsZRDtH2/JBMe7fd5mp0QQhOhA8NhW8qZY=' \  -H 'signature: eyAi...' \  -H 'tpp-signing-certificate: MIIK...2NER' \  -H 'x-request-id: 7f3d80df-bfee-4501-bca8-f8397342ebbe' \  -d '{"account": {"currency": "EUR","iban": "NL58DHBN0412431432"},"instructedAmount": {"amount": 1555540.50404,"currency": "EUR"},"payee": "d"}'

Example Responses

200 Response

{    "fundsAvailable": true,    "checkDateTime": "2019-06-28T10:27:34"}

400 Response

{    "errorId": "8f2a3378-c136-43dc-992d-cd109cd15a29",    "timestamp": "2019-06-28T12:18:54.846+0000",    "message": "Validation Failed: Field: account.currency, defaultMessage: Currency code error"}

401 Response

{    "error": "invalid_token",    "error_description": "Invalid access token: e6554a28-d648-4968-b4bc-5b8bb5818150"}

500 Response

{    "errorId": "b1d8124c-1f63-479d-94d6-3a70bb4ca528",    "timestamp": "2019-06-28T12:14:53.111+0000",    "message": "Unexpected error is occurred! Please contact with your system adminstration."}

Are you curious to see what you can do with the Confirmation Availability of Funds API?