Deposit Guarantee Scheme at DHB Bank

We have a banking license from the Dutch Central Bank and according to the Act on Financial Supervision (Wft), you are under the coverage of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS). This guarantee scheme ensures that your funds are reimbursed to up to a maximum amount in case we cannot meet our financial obligations towards you.  

You are eligible for reimbursement by the deposit guarantee scheme if:

  • Your bank participates in the Deposit Guarantee Scheme; and
  • The product falls under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme; and
  • You are an account holder eligible for compensation through the Scheme.  

Information about the guarantee scheme:

  • Read important information about the deposit guarantee scheme on the Depositor Information Template. The template contains also the exceptions applied to the deposit guarantee scheme. You will receive this information or a reference to the information template annually from the bank, and a reference to the information template will be provided with your account statements.
  • Check the respective web page of De Nederlandsche Bank on the deposit guarantee scheme.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS)