Screening Regulation

In accordance with Dutch legislation and regulations, all financial institutions, such as banks and (pension) insurers are required to screen employees prior to commencement of employment in an integrity-sensitive position.

Within the framework of the regulations, screening is defined as ascertaining whether an applicant is sufficiently trustworthy to hold a specific position.
The regulation also applies to temporary employees, such as employees hired temporarily via an employment agency, seconded employees and interim managers. 

The basic procedure entails gathering information regarding an applicant. This information includes proof of identity, earned diplomas and degrees, references from employers from the past five years and a statement from the applicant. We also conduct a check to determine whether the applicant appears in the EVA system* or the incident register of DHB Bank. The Regulation also covers providing information regarding (former) employees who apply to other institutions. 

This is naturally all carried out within the confines set by privacy legislation. For this reason an applicant must always provide his or her prior written consent for screening.
* EVA is the External Referral Application that shares data on an inter-bank basis regarding persons who have committed fraudulent acts at those banks. The Incident Register is the register of persons who have caused an incident at DHB Bank, while VIS (Verification Information System) is the register of stolen or forged proofs of identity.