DHB Bank Secure File Transfer

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DHB Bank SecureFileTransfer

DHB Bank values your privacy. As normal emails are not a secure way of communication we introduce our customers to DHB Bank Secure File Transfer Service powered by Cryptshare.

DHB Bank Secure File Transfer Service is a secure digital transfer service which enables us to exchange files with our customers. All transfers are encrypted and the channel is secured from end to end. Moreover transfers are further secured by use of passwords. You can also transfer files back to DHB Bank securely using this service without creating user accounts or complex encryption algorithms. It is easy, fast and safe!

In case you wish to send an encrypted email or personal documents we recommend that to use this service to transfer them securely to DHB Bank instead of normal emails. Because normal emails are not the secure way to transfer personal data.

For your convenience this service is available in four languages like English, Dutch, German and French. Instructions on how to use this service can be found in our manual.

Secure File Transfer FAQs

Are there any costs for the use of DHB Bank Secure File Transfer?
There are no costs in using DHB Bank Secure File Transfer. This service enables us to exchange files with you in a secure, quick and easy way.
Can I send multiple files in one transfer?
Yes. You can send any number of files per transfer.
Can I send one transfer to multiple recipients?
Yes. You can enter any number of recipients per transfer.
How is the password exchanged with the recipient of the transfer?
We suggest exchanging the password in a separate and secure way, e.g. by telephone, SMS or by agreement in advance. The recipient receives the sender’s email as part of the notification message. He/she can get in touch with the sender to ask for the password if he/she does not know it already.
What happens if I send a file to a wrong recipient or if I send the wrong files? Can a transfer still be cancelled if the files are already uploaded to the server?
Our system administrator can cancel the transfer at any time. But even if you have accidentally used a wrong email address, the password protection will still keep your file safe. To be able to download the file, the recipient needs to know the password and get in touch with you to ask for it. Until you authorize the recipient by giving the password to them, the files cannot be downloaded. The download link without the password is of no value for a wrong recipient.
What if someone tries to guess my password?
To prevent brute forcing attempts to download personal documents we restrict the access with 5 invalid attempts after which the download locked for 60 minutes.
Which languages are supported?
The languages we provide within DHB Bank Secure File Transfer are English, Dutch, French and German. 
Which browsers are supported by DHB Bank Secure File Transfer?
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions supported by Microsoft)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Apple Safari (latest version)
Is there a DHB Bank Secure File Transfer app for smartphones and/or tablets?
No. There are no iOS or Android apps available at the moment.

Who can I contact for support?
Instructions on how to use this service can be found in our manual.
For further help, please contact DHB Bank by phone.