Financial Institutions and Forfaiting

Financial Institutions and Forfaiting operations are a very important part of DHB Banks' operations, with a special focus on trade finance activities. These include generating and trading mainly bank-related assets, as well as bank-related liability activities to generate financing. DHB Bank Financial Institutions and Forfaiting activities include: 

  • Asset generation within the bank’s core markets, including but not limited to participation in both bank and corporate syndications

  • Loans and promissory notes trading

  • Procurement of long-term wholesale funding through syndications and trade-related transactions

  • Intermediation in the trade finance activities of the bank’s customers

  • Establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of correspondent relationships in DHB Banks' markets, on both the assets and liabilities sides

  • Management of relationships with banks, financial institutions and rating agencies

For more information please contact our Financial Institutions and Forfaiting department.